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About Plato School District and Plato, Missouri

Mission Statement

The mission of the Plato R-V School District, in a cooperative effort with parents, students, and community is to: create, motivate, and educate lifelong learners...everyone, every day!

Vision Statement

Uniting to engage, prepare and empower 21st Century problem solvers.

Staff Collective Commitments

  1. Deliver outstanding service.

  2. Work hard and desire the best.

  3. Create fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

  4. Follow the Golden Rule, be humble.

  5. Build open and honest relationships through good communication.

  6. Be positive and inspire others.

  7. Embrace and drive change.

  8. Have an expectation for accountability and a passion for results.

Student Collective Commitments

  1. Excel in academics, clubs, and sports.
  2. Accept others for who they are.
  3. Give our best efforts.
  4. Learn from our peers, teachers, and the community.
  5. Exceed expectations.
  6. Strive to reach our full potential


Plato, Missouri

Plato is an incorporated village in northwestern Texas County, It is located about 20 miles northwest of Houston, Missouri and 10 miles south of Fort Leonard Wood on Route 32. The population was 109 at the 2010 census.

The community was founded in 1874 and is named after the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. It is the birthplace of screenwriter, Josh Senter, who is known for his work on Desperate Housewives. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Plato became the national mean center of United States population.

The Census Bureau installed a commemorative "geodetic control mark" near the gazebo in downtown Plato during a dedication ceremony in May 2011. This survey disc will be used by satellites and land surveyors to conduct scientific surveys to generate precise position data that serve as the foundation for accurate mapping and charting in America.