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Parents, Guardians and Patrons of the District:

We want you to be aware that the Plato R-V School District has made many preparations to deal effectively with emergency situations that could occur in or around the school while classes are in session. While we hope that a natural disaster or other serious incident never occurs, our goal is to be prepared for any potential emergency. At all times, our first priority is to protect all students and staff from harm.

In order for our emergency-response plans to be effective, we depend on the cooperation and assistance of many people, such as the sheriff and fire department. We also depend on you, as parents, to support our disaster-response efforts. Your cooperation is vital to helping us protect the safety and welfare of all children and school employees.

Please Follow the Following Procedures in the Event of an Emergency:

  1. Do not telephone the school. We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential that the telephone system be available for emergency communication.
  2. For school emergency information and status reports, check the following sources: Springfield television stations 3, 10, 27, and 33; on local FM radio stations: Waynesville KJPW (102.3 FM) & KFLW (98.9), Lebanon KJEL (103.7), KCLQ (107.9), and KTTK (90.7), West Plains, Rolla KZNN, and Springfield KTTS (94.7). You also will receive instructions on where you should go and how/when you may be able to pick up your child.
  3. Do not come to the school until instructed to do so. It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lot clear for emergency vehicles. If evacuation is required, students may be transported to a location away from the school. You will be notified of this through the media or our telephone communication system.
  4. Talk with your children and emphasize how important it is for them to follow instructions from their teachers and school officials during any emergency.
  5. Carefully read all information you receive from the school. You may receive updates about our safety procedures from time to time.

We are proud that Plato R-V School District is a safe school, and we are doing everything possible to keep it that way. We appreciate your cooperation and support. If you have any questions about any aspect of our safety procedures, please contact Dr. Hawk at (417) 458-3333.

Plato R-V School District Crisis Management Plan

Plato R-V School District takes steps every day to protect students and staff. Our crisis management plan includes strategies to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis in our schools. The following is a snyopsis of our plan:


The best way to address a crisis is to prevent it from happening. The Plato R-V School District has measures in place to address issues before they become crisis situations.

  • Bully Prevention Policy 2655
  • Counselors, social workers and recovery specialist
  • Secure buildings with locked exterior doors and check-in procedures for visitors


Plato R-V's crisis planning process includes preparing students and staff for possible dangers.

  • Regular drills at the schools for hazards like fires, severe weather, earthquakes and intruders
  • Regular updates to the crisis management plan
  • Regular training of the safety team and staff
  • A crisis information chart is available in every classroom
  • Procedures for safety drills are also posted in each classroom


In order to make our crisis management plan as effective as possible, Plato R-V worked with area law enforcement personnel and safety consultants in our jurisdiction.

  • Extensive plans for evacuations, relocations, lock-down and other safety measures shared with local area emergency management organizations
  • Safety/Security team on campus


After a crisis, the district will work to help students and staff recover from the experience and get back to a sense of normalcy.

  • Work with district counselors, local mental health works and local churches to provide counseling to those affects
  • Return to the learning process as soon as possible

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