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Welcome to Our District!

The Plato School District is happy to have you considering or planning on a move to our district. We offer many opportunities for students to learn and grow in their educational pursuits. On this page, you will find the necessary forms and information for making the transition from your current school district to ours as easy as possible. Don't forget to check the forms on the right and side of this page, next to the eagle.

Enrollment Information

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Enrollment Schedule: August 5th, 6th, and 7th

We enroll new students between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the dates above and throughout the school year.

Students who were enrolled in Plato R-V school district in May 2015 have already pre-enrolled. New students in grades kindergarten through twelve should enroll in the building assigned for their grade level. The office in the high school handles registration for grades 6 through 12. Students enrolling during the school year will begin school on the first day following registration.

New Students Should Bring the Following to Enroll:

  • Shot record
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Recent physical examination (within the last 12 months, if participating in sports)
  • Last grade card (if applicable)
  • Any other information available from previous school


According to Missouri law, a child is eligible for admission to kindergarten if the child reaches the age of five before the first day of August 2013 or if the child has attended a (state) accredited kindergarten program in another state.


Missouri state law states that all immunizations must be current and up to date before attending school. Documentation must include the month, day, and year of the immunization. No student will be allowed to attend school if any immunization is past due. If you received a notice that your student needs an immunization, be sure to bring proof of this updated immunization to the school before the first day of class. New students must present immunization records at the time of registration that comply with Missouri state law requirements.

Please contact the Ft. Leonard Wood Immunization Clinic at 573-596-1768 or your County Health Department for dates when immunizations are provided. For specific information or assistance, you may contact the school nurse at 417-458-4700 ext. 30.


A student may only register in the District if the student provides proof of residency or if the student or parent/guardian requests a waiver from the Board of Education on the basis of hardship or good sense. Students or parents/guardians seeking a waiver of the District’s residency requirement must complete and submit to the Superintendent a Request for Waiver of Proof of Residency (Form 2230.1) stating the reasons for which the waiver is requested (see Board Regulation 2230 located on the district’s website at http://plato.k12.mo.us).


Within two (2) business days of enrolling a new student, the District will request copies of the new student’s transfer and discipline records from all schools in which the new student attended at any time within a twelve (12) month period preceding enrollment in the District. In addition, parents/guardians of students new to the District will be required to complete and sign the Affidavit Regarding Prior Discipline informing the District of suspensions or expulsions incurred at schools previously attended.


If the student has an IEP/504 please provide us with a copy at the time of enrollment to ensure a seamless transition in the educational process.


Students needing to take any medications (prescriptions or over-the-counter) at school must have a new medication authorization form on file for the upcoming school year. All medications must be in a properly labeled bottle and kept at the nurse’s office. Students are not allowed to take any medications (including Tylenol, cough drops, or other over-the-counter medications) to school without proper paperwork being on file at the nurse’s office.Students are not allowed to carry any medication with them at school or to and from school. Students may carry an inhaler, Epi-pen, or other medical device authorized by law only if signed authorization and release forms from their physician and parent are on file at the nurse’s office,and only if the student can demonstrate proper usage to the school nurse and comply with additional requirements under law and/or Board policy. For students with serious health care concerns, an Individualized Health Care Plan or other appropriate plan should be on file. Such plans should be updated each school year.


The Parents As Teachers program is free. It provides family support to families throughout pregnancy until their child enters Kindergarten. Contact Lindsey Aguilar at 417-458-4700 ext. 27 to set up an appointment.


Bus transportation is provided to/from school for grades K -12.


The following annual athletic participation fee will be charged for the current school year for middle school and high school athletes:

  • $35.00 for 7 th and 8th Grade
  • $50.00 for High School
  • Not to exceed $100.00 per family

The fee will be used to help offset expenses in all areas of the overall athletic program. This fee must be paid before the first game, match or contest. Students will not be permitted to participate in a game, match, or contest until the participation fee has been paid. The fee should be paid by a check or money order payable to: Plato Athletics Dept. If a student is injured and, therefore, excluded from participation for the season prior to the first scheduled contest, the participation fee will be refunded. The participation fee will not be returned if a participant quits or does not finish a season.


Sports Physical Form

Students participating in sports at Plato High School or Plato Middle School during the current school year must have a sports physical on file. A physical examination should be completed within the last twelve months by a duly licensed medical practitioner. Sports physical forms are on the district’s website (under Athletics), in the district Nurse’s office and in the school building offices. If your child will be playing sports during the upcoming school year, he/she must have a physical dated after February 1, of the previous school year, on file at the school athletics office before the first day of practice. (For example, to play sports in the 2015-16 school year, the athlete must have a physical dated after February 1, 2015.)